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Spot Image Introduces New Services for Google Earth Users

Spot Image introduced two new service offerings developed to provide clients with direct access to SPOT satellite imagery in the Google Earth environment.

SPOT Globe For Google Earth Enterprise
The first offering, SPOT Globe for Google Earth Enterprise, delivers fusion-ready SPOT imagery to the growing number of organizations who rely on Google Earth Enterprise as their geospatial viewing and archiving solution.

Imagery is delivered in a pre-packaged and pre-ingested format for direct integration into existing Google Earth Enterprise Globes along with other raster and vector layers.

The SPOT Globe offering includes the entire line of 2.5m SPOTMaps mosaics. These off-the-shelf products provide seamless uniform coverage comprised of 2.5-meter, natural-color SPOT 5 satellite imagery acquired in the past three years.

Offered in regional and nationwide orthorectified mosaics, SPOTMaps serve as ideal geographic base maps for visualization, planning and mapping projects. Over 40 countries (more than 15 million km²) are now covered with SPOTMaps, and are available for use within Google Earth Enterprise.

“We are bringing our unique and extensive SPOTMaps coverage to Google Earth Enterprise users”, said Nicolas Stussi, Director of Services at SPOT Image Corp. “The SPOT Globe is a turn-key solution that makes SPOTMaps mosaics available and “ready-to-use” for Google Earth Enterprise customers, which saves users time and money.”.

SPOT Imagery, Google Earth – Ready
Spot Image is also introducing a service that provides SPOT imagery in a Google Earth-Ready KML format. This format enables imagery to be loaded and viewed immediately in any of the Google Earth software packages, including the Free, Plus, Pro and Enterprise levels. The Google Earth-Ready offering is available for any SPOT and Formosat-2 data.

To receive the KML formatted imagery, SPOT clients simply request it from Customer Service when placing the order. In addition to having the KML-formatted imagery delivered via FTP or CD/DVD, SPOT clients receive a network link giving them immediate online access to their imagery for visualization in Google Earth for 30 days.

“We have an increasing number of our customers using Google Earth Plus/Pro as part of their geospatial solution, especially for time-critical applications”, said Stussi. “Providing a vehicle that simplifies access and use makes our imagery more relevant in time sensitive situations, and empowers our customers to use and share SPOT imagery more efficiently”.

About Spot Image (
The SPOT constellation of three satellites offers the broadest range of image telemetry, including, 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 meter resolutions. Spot Image provides imagery, data, surveillance and mapping solutions within numerous markets including Defense, Homeland Security, Agriculture, Land Management & Planning, Disaster Recovery, and Oil, Gas & Mining Exploration. The constellation is supplemented by the Taiwanese satellite Formosat-2 for which Spot Image has exclusive commercial distribution rights. Spot Image will also serve as exclusive commercial distributor for the upcoming 50cm resolution 2-satellite constellation, Pleiades, and the SPOT 6 satellite constellation. For over two decades, the Spot Image organization has perfected the ability to harness space- and ground-based systems to meet customers’ needs. Spot Image has also developed a far-reaching global network of commercial offices, receiving stations, partners and distributors. Every first-tier data provider operating today relies on Spot’s commercial network for reaching the global market.
SPOT Image is a Google Earth Enterprise Partner.

Spot Image is 81% owned by Astrium Services, an EADS company.

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