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A new version of the PSInSAR™ algorithm now available

(Dec 2008) Measuring surface deformation remotely with PSInSAR™

TRE is proud to announce that a new version of the PSInSAR™ processing chain is now available for commercial projects. During the last year, the internal software procedures as well as TRE hardware facilities have been updated to allow the delivery of ever better data to our clients and, following three months of testing by our R&D group, the new processing chain is now available!

Although the PSInSAR™ software, used for generating PS data, has been continuously updated since TRE was founded in March 2000, this new release delivers a range of new features and tools that improve the quality of the final results and the amount of the information that can be extracted from radar multi-temporal data-stacks.

1. Points of measurement, PS, affected by non-linear motion and then exhibiting a non-linear displacement time series can be better identified and the deformation signal can be better singled out.
2. Radar data gathered by new satellites, the Cosmo-SkyMed constellation and TerraSAR-X, can be now processed for PSInSAR™ analyses.
3. More quality checks have been added to all processing steps for improved reliability and precision assessment.

Following three months of trials and testing by TRE’s R&D group the new algorithm is now available!


Tele-Rilevamento Europa (TRE) has established itself as a leading global provider of InSAR services thanks to its advanced PSInSAR™ technique, a radar remote sensing technology for monitoring ground movements.

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