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While the environmental consciousness is increasing in the public and in political circles, the remote sensing techniques and systems are considered more and more as essential tools to help manage our planet. With the start by the European institutions and Industry of the Sentinels satellite programs, in 2007 for Sentinel-1 and in April 2008 for Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3, Europe is setting the cornerstone of its future operational Earth Observation program of Global Monitoring of Environment and Security, in the footsteps of the successful European Meteorological operational program. This system component is being developed hand in hand with the service segment constituted by Core and Downstream services, according to the terms agreed upon at European level. While the place of industry in the development of the Space segment is clear, its role in the development and implementation of GMES services at large is not. It is to attempt an assessment of the European industry achievements and of the way to create new opportunities for industry in GMES Services that the 2008 EARSC Workshop convened in Brussels on March 19, 2008 with the support of the EU and of ESA.