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Issue 60 Summer 2021


                                                       Emmanuel Pajot

                                                  EARSC Secretary General

After several quarters without any update, we are delighted to revive eoMAG, EARSC’s newsletter, to keep you updated on the EU EO downstream sector.

2021 first semester was marked by several moments which will drive the future of our dynamic sector. In March, Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation since 2016, was appointed ESA Director-General. The following month, the European Council adopted the European Space Programme 2021-2027 budget of 14,88 billion. In May, the European Commission created the new European Union Agency for the Space Programme “EUSPA”. EUSPA’s mandate includes increased responsibilities in managing the exploitation of Galileo and EGNOS and is also responsible for the development of downstream markets and fostering of innovation based on Galileo, EGNOS and the commercial users of Copernicus…[…]


Interview with Mr. Rodrigo da Costa, Executive Director, European Union Agency for the Space Programme

We sat down with Mr. Rodrigo da Costa, Executive Director, European Union Agency for the Space Programme to discuss the uptake of Copernicus, the existing role in Galileo and goals and future plans of EUSPA and much more.

Read the full interview

Industry Profile

We are very happy to bring some attention to one of the EARSC’s members – a successful Belgian startup Aerospacelab.

Aerospacelab was founded in late 2017 near Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium by Benoit Deper and recruited its first employees in 2018.

From the very beginning, Aerospacelab has set itself the goal of becoming the European leader in actionable intelligence based on satellite data and other sources. Seizing the market opportunity offering lower costs in satellite manufacture, launch and data storage with larger server capacity for data, Aerospacelab based its business model on a fully vertically integrated intelligence solutions. Its overall mission is to enhance efficiency across markets by making geospatial intelligence both actionable and affordable.

To match its ambition, the company now employs around 70 people from 17 different nationalities with a distinct focus on the future through our many young employees.

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EARSC Activities

EARSC Annual Report 2020/2021

Each year we produce a report showing what we have done in the previous year. It is your way to understand the full scope of our activities. Read the latest EARSC Annual Report 2020/2021 [...]

EOCafe is Turning 1!

EOcafe - where the EO community meets - hosts a series of meetings that offer timely, relevant, and practical information on a broad variety of topics related to the EO sector. Every two weeks, EARSC provides the opportunity to discuss and network while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. The first EOcafe took place on the 16th of April 2020. Since then we organized 21 EOcafes with 47 guest speakers with 2,800 registrants. [...]

EU Forest Strategy

EARSC shared with Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans its view on the readiness of the EO downstream Industry to support forest monitoring and the forest Industry in the context of the future EU Forest Strategy post-2020. The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) very much welcomes the efforts of [...]

EARSC news

Members news

Gisat launches ESPON FUORE, application to facilitate analysis of statistical data for territorial development

We have launched FUORE, an innovative, interactive, and user-friendly web tool for the processing of statistical data at the level of functional regions in Europe. The tool enables more efficient data processing. Statistical data used in regional development planning are often available for standard administrative units. [...]

ExoLabs wins EU funding

ARCTUS Inc. (CA), a subsidiary of ACRI-ST, is pleased to announce that its project "earth observation solutions addressing coastal erosion issue, their impacts on ecosystems and the risks to infrastructure assets" has been selected in the Climate Change Impacts and Ecosystem Resilience (CCIER) programme of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The project was prepared with Argans Ltd of Plymouth (UK), another subsidiary of [...]

GAF AG wins the first European call for tenders for the operational implementation of the agricultural area monitoring system

GAF AG has won the first European call for tenders for the operational implementation of the agricultural area monitoring system in Germany in 2021 stipulated by the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The Paying Agency makes use of GAF’s sophisticated cloud-based solutions for [...]

World From Space: ‘How We Use Technology Inspired by Bats to See Water Availability in Fields

Bats usually don’t have much of a positive public image. Considered to be bloodthirsty beasts, these small flying mammals are more terrifying than inspiring most people. But without them, our DynaCrop service wouldn’t be able to monitor soil moisture conditions in any field in the world.[...]

VITO: Water Quality Monitoring! From Knowledge to Operational Services

Rivers, creeks, lakes, oceans, … are key components in the hydrological cycle. We use them for drinking, irrigation, transport , recreation,… and they also serve as a habitat for many plant and animal species. Unfortunately, many of the surface waters are under severe pressure. Just think about water[...]

Cloudeo AG strengthens customer reach with the acquisition of TerraLoupe GmbH

March 9, 2021, Munich: Cloudeo AG, the global leader in the geospatial solutions marketplace, and its strategic partner Precision Landing GmbH today announced the acquisition of TerraLoupe GmbH, a Munich based geo platform and HD mapping company. A geo platform that uses machine learning [...]

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