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GeoScan and CGG Desenvolvimento sign agreement on exploration of critical minerals in Mozambique at INDABA

  • CGG Desenvolvimento S.U. LDA of Maputo, Mozambique and GeoScan GmbH of Berlin, Germany have agreed to work closely together  for the exploring of Mozambique’s critical minerals using Geoscan’s state-of- the-art methods

  • The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Capetown, South Africa at INDABA, Africa’s most important conference on mining and related technologies in the presence of State-Secretary Ms. Dr. Franziska Brandtner of the German Ministry of the Economy and Climate and her  delegation.

Capetown, South Africa, 06.02.2024: During INDABA, the premier conference on mining and mining technologies in CGG Desenvolvimento Sociedade Unipessoal Mozambique LDA signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding for exploration of critical minerals such as lithium, nickel or copper in Mozambique.

CGG Desenvolvimento holds the rights and licenses to the Macanga minerals mining project, which will be the first critical mineral project of the new partners. GeoScan has recently completed a very successful project on lithium in  Nigeria, and is active in several other African countries on a variety of projects and minerals.

Germany has a strong interest to develop close relationships with African countries and companies to help them leverage Africa’s “riches under ground” and to help the green transformation of its economy with prerequisite minerals such as lithium, copper or nickel. This has previously been expressed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on his African state visit late last year, where he was also accompanied by GeoScan.

Timothy Awuzie, CEO of CGG Desenvolvimento stated: “We are proud to work with GeoScan and use its most modern technologies for exploration, proven by their convincing work in other projects. Part of our strategy is to leverage on advanced technology to derive high resolution geological information and reliable geosciences data. Not only will this give our Macanga Project a significant boost, but also an opportunity for all of Mozambique’s mining industry by bringing state-of-the art sustainable exploration to the country.” 

Oliver Haeggberg, CEO of GeoScan, commented “We are very thrilled and happy to have won a leading partner with CGG Desenvolivmento to apply our proven, sustainable and quick technology in yet another African country”.

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CGG Desenvolvimento CAT Global Group, is a mining company based in Mozambique and owns the rights to the Macanga Minerals Mining Project. CGG Desenvolvimento was created with a DNA for innovation in the extractive industry, and plans to develop critical minerals which are key for the energy transition and development of the Mozambique Mining Sector.  

GeoScan GmbH

GeoScan specializes in identifying and quantifying ground resources from satellite images. Unlike conventional remote sensing, its algorithms “read” subtle patterns caused by the earth’s own vibrations, sometimes called “The Hum of the Earth”. GeoScan has developed the methods and algorithms to recognize and process those patterns from high quality satellite images detecting resources down to a depth of 10,000m. This proprietary solution is called gScantm.

GeoScan have successfully conducted approximately 100 projects for clients from industry and governments around the world in countries such as Oman, Nigeria, Turkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), USA, Canada and many others with an outstanding success rate which is considerably above that of conventional methods. gScan exploration is much cheaper, 2 to 3 times faster, more reliable and has zero environmental impact and no carbon footprint, making it especially suitable for large areas.

GeoScan has several other activities and subsidiaries other African countries.



For further information please do not hesitate to contact GeoScan GmbH (; +49- 170 45 42 586) and


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Timothy Awuzie of CGG, StS Dr. Franziska Brantner of the German Government and Oliver Haeggberg of


GeoScan at INDABA