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RapidEye Introduces Image Gallery on Their Website (November 27, 2008)

(nov 2008) RapidEye is pleased to announce the “opening” of their new Image Gallery on their website (

The Image Gallery will feature high resolution satellite images taken from around the world by RapidEye’s constellation of five spacecraft. RapidEye plans to update the Image Gallery regularly as new, exciting images become available.

“RapidEye’s Image Gallery highlights a small sample of the images provided lately by our satellites and makes them accessible to everyone.” comments Michael Prechtel, Head of RapidEye’s Marketing and Sales.

System commissioning and calibration activities are advancing. bq. “Having obtained good images from each of the five cameras makes us confident that all cameras work well,” says Wolfgang Biedermann, CEO of RapidEye. “We are making good progress in tuning a large number of system parameters that have to be just right, in order to generate the high quality our customers expect from us. The images posted in the Image Gallery show the first results.”

The new gallery currently includes six images in South America and the U.S. Among these are the area around the volcano Tunupa in Bolivia, oil fields in the vicinity of Odessa, Texas, as well as an agricultural area near São Paulo, Brazil. All images can be viewed on RapidEye’s website at RapidEye successfully launched their constellation of satellites at the end of August, and is currently moving closer to completing final testing and calibration activities that will allow for commercial operations.

Please note that these images are provided for viewing purposes only. Commissioning and calibration activities are still in progress. The image gallery can be viewed at