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Observation of the Amyntaio-Anargyroi landslide (Western Macedonia, Greece) using Sentinel 2A satelite images with the use of NDVI classification.

Three radar images were acquired by the Sentinel-2A satellite on April 12, 2017 , May 19, before and on June 21, 2017 after the Amyntaio (Anargyroi) landslide in western Macedonia (Greece) on June 10, 2017. S2A images processed through NDVI classification with their spatial resolution is 10 metres. Compasion of the three images show the progress of the landslide that occurred in the region of the active Amyntaio Anargyroi lignite mine of the Public Power Corporation (PPC) of Greece (Ganas, A. 2017). According to official reports the landslide area was about 3.3 square kilometres. Through normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) classification of the three dates, detection of land cover change was observed. The main body of landslide was clearly identified due to neighboring of different land use areas mainly mining and agricultural activities.

Satellite images before the landslide

After the landslide

NDVI Comparison between 2 dates

Authors: Krassakis Pavlos MSc geologist / GIS Specialist and Kazana Stavroula MSc geologist