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Register as Copernicus Accelerator Mentor by July 28

AZO is currently looking for experts to become mentors of the Copernicus Accelerator programme, funded by the European Commission. The initiative aims to provide a tailored business coaching service to foster the development of commercial Earth observation applications and products.

Mentors for Copernicus Accelerator

The Copernicus Accelerator has been initiated by the European Commission in the framework of the Copernicus Masters in 2016. Thanks to this, the top 50 ideas will get customised business coaching. Therefore, the accelerator is now looking for mentors to provide e.g. business support, integration into an incubator, win over a first client, raising funding, etc. Mentors can provide services for up to 2 teams / entrepreneurs of the 50 best ranked Copernicus Masters participants. The chosen mentors will be remunerated 5.000 € at the end of the coaching experience, that will last approximately up to 1 year. In addition travel costs and accommodation to Tallinn are covered to participate in the accelerator boot-camp (6-7 Nov 2017) that will take place in line with the Award Ceremony.

The eligibility criteria to become a mentor are the following:

  • Employed with a legal identity registered in the territory of one of the Copernicus Participating Countries, whose business purpose is focused on business consulting, e.g. business incubation centres, consulting companies, business intermediaries, university-based startup centres, innovation agencies etc.
  • Individual mentors that reside in the territory of one of the Copernicus Participating Countries, with a proven track record of customer references (preferably startups) that they have mentored in the chosen field of expertise

Register as a mentor until July 28
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