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GeoVille and Austrian key stakeholders initiate Land Information System Austria (LISA)

Austria and many other European countries can build on a long experience of successful activities on land cover and land use (LC/LU) monitoring. However, in Austria these datasets have been produced with different standards, lack comparability or are in most cases outdated. Stakeholders from public administrations and the private sector demand up to date, more detailed, and harmonised LC/LU information, in order to fulfil the required reporting obligations arising from new European directives and regional / national legislation.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of existing LC/LU data sets for regional, national as well as European management and reporting requirements, the project Land Information System Austria (LISA) was initated by GeoVille together with other Austrian stakeholders. The project is funded by the Austrian Space Application Program (ASAP), and was successfully kicked off on June 15th in Vienna at the Austrian Institute of Technology.


The objective of LISA is to achieve a consensus on a new Austrian land information and monitoring system and demonstrate its benefits offering improved spatial and thematic content. LISA will be designed to serve common land monitoring needs providing information on the status quo and the changes occurring in Austria’s landscape. Thereby LISA will enable a wide range of downstream sectoral applications and user groups.

The goal of LISA is to apply cutting edge science, innovative technology and provide cost efficiency by combining satellite imagery with high resolution in-situ data, to achieve economics of scale and sustainability of funding through a shared effort across different administration units.

The efficiency and user applicability is further extended to the planned distribution of LISA through geoportal’s at local, regional, national and international level. The focus of the first phase of LISA will be laid on the correct transcription of user needs into user requirements and technical product specifications, as well as the verification of their technical and economic feasibility. Representatives of the provinces and the federal government will determine the user requirements. These will be verified by a scientific / technical advisory board and lead to binding technical specifications for production. The content of the LISA catalogue will be agreed at national level and drawn up according to the demands of European initiatives such as INSPIRE and GMES.

Project Partners

The project is supported by funds from the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) through the Austrian Space Applications Program (ASAP 6) of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

Geoville Group

GeoVille Group is a private sector enterprise located in Austria and Luxembourg. GeoVille Group specialises in products and services related to Earth Observation (EO) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications.

GeoVille is Europe’s leading company in using satellite data for spatial planning applications.

GeoVille’s services provide the bridge from user needs to technical implementation – merging geospatial explicit data with statistics – to the analysis of what on-going processes and trends mean for real world applications

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