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Brownfield monitoring through earth observation data – A project focused on the identification and analysis of brownfields

WALPHOT is working on a project called BROWNFIELDS. Within this project WALPHOT aims to assess how remote sensing-based services can support the responsible governmental institutions in the monitoring and management of brownfields. A test-case is developed in Andenne (Belgium).

Brownfields are abandoned, idle, or under-used industrial or commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is hindered by actual or suspected soil contamination.

The purpose of this project is to analyse brownfield sites, their environment and evolution throughout history, with a focus on the possible redevelopment of the site.

This analysis will be supported by the creation of products & services based on very high resolution remote sensing data. Some examples are:

  • detection & delineation of brownfields,
  • land use/land cover maps,
  • population density maps,
  • historical maps,
  • indicators & statistics.

Figure 1: Remote sensing-based products for a specific brownfield site (delineated in red) located in Andenne (Belgium)

The BROWNFIELDS project is part of the ERA-STAR Regions program which is coordinated by the Walloon Region (Belgium). ERA-STAR Regions is a network of public funding organisations which support programmes in the field of Space Applications (GMES, GALILEO & Technology Applications). The ERA-STAR Regions network unites European regions and medium-sized countries that have developed particular competences in space research. These space-based clusters, often including both industrial and academic players, are important knowledge-based networks that help drive regional economic growth and prosperity.

WALPHOT is a Belgian company specialized in the production and the use of geographical data from both airborne and spaceborne sensors since 1973.
All services offered by WALPHOT are fully integrated within the company: aerial photography, photo interpretation, processing and interpretation of digital satellite images, cartography, environmental studies, Geographic Information Systems, and lots of other geo-related activities.
For more information on these services, we refer to the following contact information:

Walphot s.a.
Adress: Rue Van Opré 97 ; 5100 Namur, BELGIUM
Phone: + 32 (0) 81 30 24 01
Fax: +32 (0) 81 30 41 67