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With Regiomap Austria, GeoVille provides a new, nationwide land use map for the telecom industry

GeoVille Austria is a key producer and provider of digital land use (clutter) maps to the telecom industry in Austria and other nations around the world for improved radio network planning. Typically the minimum mapping unit of these maps is in the 1 to 5 ha range.

With its in-house developed processing chain RegioCover©, GeoVille produced and now serves a nationwide digital land use map, termed Regiomap Austria, with an unsurpassed price-quality ratio. RegioCover©,is a highly-automated land use mapping application, that further increases the reliability and efficacy of traditional processing approaches. It was awarded with the 2007 Definiens GMES Innovation Award.

Regiomap Austria

Regiomap Austria was produced using an object oriented image analysis and interpretation approach based on 2007-2009 15m TERRA ASTER satellite data. Class labelling was supported through orthophotos. The resulting digital land use map has 25 classes with a minimum mapping unit of 0.25ha. This means an improved spatial resolution by a factor of 16 compared to previous clutter maps available for Austria. The thematic accuracy is >95% and the geometric location accuracy is specified with ±1 pixel size.

Regiomap Austria is an off-the–shelf, GIS-ready product with a delivery time of a few days. More information and product specifications can be found on GeoVille’s website

geoville group

GeoVille Group is a private sector enterprise located in Austria and Luxembourg. GeoVille Group specialises in products and services related to Earth Observation (EO) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications.

GeoVille is Europe’s leading company in using satellite data for spatial planning applications.

GeoVille’s services provide the bridge from user needs to technical implementation – merging geospatial explicit data with statistics – to the analysis of what on-going processes and trends mean for real world applications.

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