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EUROSENSE successfully finished demonstration project for European Investment Bank

The EIB is financing the construction of two sections of dual two lane motorway and associated access roads in Southern Poland (A1 and A4 Motorways). The realization of such large-scale infrastructure projects has a significant impact on the environment. It becomes thus essential for the motorway providers, to pay close attention to both assessing and minimizing the resulting impact.

EUROSENSE provided several EO based monitoring services which can support the management of EIB’s projects. For instance, a wide range of environmental information can be extracted from EO data, this way mitigation measures and construction works can be monitored using EO data.

Two different services were delivered. A first service focused on quantifying the impact of the motorways on the Natura 2000 and shadow sites, assessing changes in land cover between a time before the construction and a most recent reference year. A second service aimed at the monitoring of the progress in (i) construction works of the A1 & A4 motorways and (ii) environmental mitigation measures. The technical progress monitoring is required to enable the comparison of the performance of different companies working on the different sections.

Following EO based products were delivered: (i) Ortho-rectified satellite imagery (SPOT-5, 2,5m resolution) (before and after the construction) (ii) Land Cover map, change map and statistics (before and after the construction) and (iii) Infrastructure construction change map and statistics.

Land cover map, related to the Motorway A4, from Wieliczka to Brzesko (Poland)

Infrastructure construction monitoring and Progress statistics for Section 1, Motorway A1: Sosnica interchange (Poland)

The project showed to be a good starting point, especially to demonstrate to EIB what is/is not possible to monitor with EO data. In general, the EO based products form a uniform, standardized database, easy to update and allows easy comparison. The land cover and infrastructure construction maps can be used to calculate statistics and make queries with other digital geospatial vector in a GIS environment. Especially for remote, inaccessible areas where distances to the site are greater and more follow-up is needed, the EO based products contain valuable input for EIB.

The project was financed by ESA. ARCADIS Belgium was partner in the project.

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