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WorldView Global Alliance expanded product offering

WorldView Global Alliance launches expanded product offering at User Conference

By Mid June at the WorldView Global Alliance User Conference a host of new offers and promotions were announced, including the capability to order GeoEye-1 and Ikonos data through the Alliance.

The two hottest days of summer brought together well over 150 technical experts and data users representing 50 countries for two days of networking and discussion. DigitalGlobe provided an update on their recent combination and announced the availability of their entire satellite constellation, including GeoEye-1 and Ikonos, to Alliance resellers.

This years’ conference format was designed to engage and inform users on the recent changes to the Alliance. Interactive feedback and mentored breakout sessions gave users the chance to give valuable feedback on the Alliance’s products, customer service, and product developments. Afternoon breakout sessions identified requirements, hurdles and future trends in the forestry, rapid response and mapping sectors. These results will help guide and direct changes to Alliance data distribution and future product development and we would like to thank everyone for their input.

Following these sessions the European Space Imaging marketing team announced new campaigns to support Alliance users, such as case studies and webinars. More information on how to participate will be provided soon.

A series of user case studies were presented following the challenging Quicktalk format (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide). These Quicktalk presentations were held by Geoserve, GISAT, ICON, Muncons and Totalview, and all highlighted the diverse application areas and solutions where VHR data can be used.

Another of the highlights were talks by international satellite industry experts including: Dennis Jones from The Jones Consulting Group giving a broad overview of the market and its history, Dimitrios Papadakis from SpaceTec Partners presented on the economic potential of the Copernicus program and Philippe Campenon from Euroconsult explored the market potential and developments for VHR data.

This year, due to both natural and man-made disasters, the value of VHR data to security and rapid response programs, whether for NGO’s working in Syria or for tracking ships for piracy, was shown in presentations from the Human Rights Watch and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

Overall, participants agreed this year’s conference offered a dynamic variety of expert presentations across all application fields and provided ample opportunities for networking and in depth discussion.