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Happy Sun by Flyby

The service helps tourists to effectively protect themselves from solar radiation by monitoring the local environmental conditions. It allows them to get both information on solar radiation intensity in their holiday place, and advisements for sun exposure times and modalities, taking phototype into account.

Flyby provides HappySun, a new satellite based service devoted to tourism, which offers real-time information about UV solar radiation intensity, sea water temperature and transparency.

Tourists can then have a pleasant tanning, avoiding physiological damages due to overexposure to solar radiation, and can also fully enjoy their holiday by getting information about which areas are characterized by a more transparent sea, or a more pleasant sea surface temperature.

The service is available on Internet and on mobile phone (via SMS and MMS),

Happysun is based on data coming from different ESA’s (European Space Agency) Earth Observation satellites, which provide data regarding the characteristics of atmosphere, water and soil.

The service can cover all the Mediterranean Basin area.

To know more about the commercial service HappySun and learn how to use it in the areas where it is active visit:

For environmental monitoring and protection agencies there is a special version of the service, called MedSun, which has been developed in collaboration with ESA. To learn more about it you can visit

See also the 2008 service description on ARPA Sicily website

About Flyby
Flyby s.r.l. is an independent Italian SME company founded in 2001 with a special aptitude for applied research, in particular in the field of applied optics, with the aim of providing innovative commercial solutions, mainly based on the use of optical systems.