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Euro-Maps Land Cover launched!

GAF AG and Euromap GmbH have launched a joint product that provides an up-to-date and homogenous mapping base for Germany. This highly accurate data set contains the most important land coverage and land use classes for a wide range of potential users, and provides coverage of the whole of Germany.

For private firms, public administrations and research institutes, such land use and land cover data forms the basis for areas of applications such as the planning of mobile telecommunications networks, regional planning and environmental mapping and monitoring tasks. Such uses are dependent on accurate and up-to-date information, but the currently available data sets no longer meet the high quality standards required by customers today.

In order to cater for such demands, the high quality product Euro-Maps LC has been created on the basis of many years of classification experience and stringent quality control measures. It is therefore possible to state that the individual object geometries are accurate with at least 90% confidence levels.
Euro-Maps LC makes use of current IRS-P6 Resourcesat-1 LISS-III multi-spectral data, mainly collected in the time frame 2007/2008. The technical production is based on an object oriented production chain with interactive mapping processes. The data includes 22 object classes with a minimum mapping unit of 0.25 ha.

Regine Richter, Head of the Land Use Applications Department at GAF AG, believes that there is a multitude of possible areas of application for this product: “In our view, Euro-Maps LC stands out amongst the products in the geo-information market by virtue of its thematic accuracy, its high precision and its high degree of uniformity. These qualities are the result of continually optimised workflows as well as the experience gained from classifying approximately 2 million kmĀ² of land coverage at scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000. Euro-Maps LC can be used in many fields as an independent product or together with other data sets, such as Euro-Maps 2D and also Euro-Maps 3D, which will be available soon.”

Euro-Maps LC is the perfect addition to the Euro-Maps product range and fits easily alongside the Euro-Maps 2D (5m orthomosaic in true colours) and Euro-Maps 3D (digital elevation models generated from high resolution stereo data, 3D visualisation) products. The Euro-Maps LC product has been produced in cooperation with the GAF AG subsidiary Euromap Satellitendaten-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, which is based in Neustrelitz in Germany, and is available as of now.

Source GAF