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Euroconsult: First Symposium on Earth Observation Business

The First Symposium on Earth Observation Business took place in Paris on September 10. This unique event brought together an international cast of top-level representatives from the entire Earth Observation value chain: government, satellite manufacturers, satellite operators, data resellers, service providers and end users.

Speakers came from industry leading private and public sector entities such as DigitalGlobe, Astrium Services, GeoEye, RapidEye, Google Earth & Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth/Bing Maps, e-Geos, Fugro, Gazprom, Total, NOAA, the French MoD, the Malaysia Remote Sensing Agency, and the European Union Satellite Center among many others.

During this full-day program these senior executive speakers addressed the opportunities and challenges in the fast-growing and changing EO business, which will impact actors at every level. As more and more private and public actors throughout the world are looking to Earth observation to address a variety of issues, manufacturing requirements are changing.

Approximately 260 Earth observation and meteorology satellites will be launched from 2009-2018 — double compared to the previous decade. The commercial data market should grow to $1.2 billion in revenues in 2009, and quadruple to nearly $4 billion in the next ten years as private users (both consumers and enterprise) and governments become bigger and more demanding customers and operators look to capture this new demand. Government agencies are also increasingly looking to commercialize their own data, a trend which could potentially impact the supply and price of data industry-wide.

During the event Adam Keith, Senior Analyst at Euroconsult, provided a snap-shot of the current Earth observation market, as well as forecasts for the size and shape of the market in the coming years. According to Mr. Keith, one of the interesting challenges ahead will be to see how providers of commercial data will adapt their business models, product offerings, and distribution to respond to user demand and diversify their revenue streams, while not encroaching on service provider territory. Governments and private stakeholders ranging from manufacturers to operators to service providers will also play a role in shaping the market of the future, and driving and benefiting from growth. Top executive speakers representing each of these areas shared their strategies over the course of four panels during the event:

Innovation for Market Growth (Satellite Manufacturers) Leaders discussed future demands for satellite manufacturing as well as changes in customers’ requirements across the world, from low cost systems to new generation satellites.

Increasing Needs for Government Usage as a Growth Driver Representatives of major agencies and military entities shared their rationale for increasing data usage and procurement strategies for proprietary and third party systems.

Growth Strategies of EO System Operators and Data Resellers Top executives of leading and emerging commercial EO operators discussed their vision of the future and how they will meet the challenges to diversify revenue sources, and develop sustainable business models beyond selling raw data, and secure private financing.

Added Value Brought by EO Data for Private Users Executives from private companies expressed their views on opportunities offered by the EO market, the current limits of available sources of data, and the costs of data and expectations for the coming years.

These key themes covered during the symposium mirror those found in Euroconsult’s recently released market report Satellite-Based Earth Observation, Market Prospects to 2018, which provides industry forecasts, assessment of business opportunities and analysis of the entire value chain for this growing market segment of the satellite industry.

This report, now in its second edition, is the source for all figures cited here. For more information visit

If you missed this year’s event, be sure to save the date for the 2nd Symposium on Earth Observation Business on your calendar: September 9, 2010 in Paris. The symposium is part of the well-established World Satellite Business Week (WSBW), an annual Euroconsult summit. WSBW is an executive meeting place for the global satellite business and widely considered the must-attend event for top executives from leading and emerging market players. 550 participants from 150 companies and over 100 executive-level speakers discussed market trends and growth strategies. For a complete look at the First Earth Observation Symposium program, or the World Satellite Business Week, visit

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