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Skysoft Portugal adopts GMV brand+GMV in the Space Sector Top 50

Skysoft Portugal adopts GMV brand

Some time ago the subsidiaries making up GMV were given a new corporate image. It was decided to go for a single brand policy taking in all group companies under a sole denomination.

Today, 21 September, Skysoft Portugal begins to use the GMV brand which includes all the group companies under a sole denomination.

Skysoft Portugal was born in 1998 with the aim of providing cutting-edge solutions for its clients inside and outside Portugal. Since then it has steadily worked its way up to become one of Portugal’s top technology firms. Its staff is now 100 strong and it is the European Space Agency’s prime supplier in Portugal; it is also the top Portuguese company working in software engineering for civil aviation and a national benchmark in R&D activities. This has all been possible thanks to a client-centered approach based on the talent and expertise of our personnel.

In 2005 the perfect match between the remit, competitive strategy and values of Skysoft and GMV made it possible for Skysoft to be brought into the multinational technology group GMV, which now boasts a staff of over 1000 and runs offices in several countries of Europe, America and Asia. Since then Skysoft has continued to operate and grow under its own brand identity. Today it is GMV’s second most important centre at international level.

The time is now right for Skysoft Portugal too to be brought into the fold. This will be of advantage to all, Skysoft helping to create an even stronger worldwide brand while it benefits from all the competitive advantages offered by the GMV brand.

The business structure and nature of Skysoft will not be altered by this change; its board, management and personnel will remain the same as before.

GMV in the Space Sector Top 50

GMV has been included among the 50 top firms of the world’s space sector, according to the ranking “top 50 Space Manufacturing and Services list” published by the American trade magazine Space News.

GMV has become Europe’s top independent supplier of satellite control centers, ranking second in the world as a whole. With over 25 years of experience in the sector, GMV is the only European firm whose satellite control systems are being simultaneously used by the European Space Agency and NASA. At the moment over 150 satellites of the world’s main manufacturers base their operations on GMV-supplied systems.

GMV also boasts Europe’s third biggest participation and Spain’s biggest in the development of the Galileo satellite navigation system.

GMV’s portfolio of clients in the space sector includes all the world’s biggest space agencies and operators and it has systems up and running in 18 countries throughout the 5 continents.

GMV is also a leading supplier of new technologies in other sectors such as defense, transport and information technologies, boasts a 1000-strong staff and runs offices in Spain, Portugal, the United States, Poland, the Korean Republic and Malaysia.

Inclusion in this list, together with other firms like EADS, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, is yet more proof of the international reputation being won by GMV’s space activity.