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EARSC Board of Directors

EARSC affairs are run by an elected Board of Directors, its policy-making body, and an Executive Secretariat who acts on behalf of EARSC, in the administration of the smooth running of the Association and handles the communication with Stakeholders and Members.

We would like to express our congratulations to our two new Directors Stephane Israel and Nöel parmentier and to express our deepest appreciation to André Jadot who served for several years officially as Treasurer and now is leaving the association to embark in new endeavours.

We would like indeed to take this opportunity to stress the role of our Board of Directors. It is essential indeed that our members know about the dedication and competence of all those who are defending our industry interests through so many internal discussions, BoD , or external discussions within other statrekholers aas ESA, EC…etc

The actual Board is:

Position Name Company
Chairman Han Wensink BMT-ARGOSS
Vice-Chairman Nikolaus Faller Astrium Satellites
Vice-Chairman Chetan Pradhan Logica
Treasurer Michael Prechtel RapidEye
Director Christian Hoffmann Geoville Group
Director Antonio Rodrigues de Sousa Edisoft
Director Erik Willén Metria
Director Eric Pailharey Thales Alenia Space France
Director Stephane Isräel Astrium Services
Director Nöel Parmentier Eurosense Belfotop
Secretary General Geoff Sawyer EARSC
Executive Secretary Monica Miguel-Lago EARSC

The EARSC Board of Directors meets quarterly to progress EARSC business and to review the service it is providing to EARSC Members