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Astrium GEO CfP for EO Service Trials in China

The European Space Agency has contracted Astrium GEO-Information Services – Infoterra GmbH to work on the “Geographic Expansion for European and Canadian EO Services”, with a specific focus on fostering the uptake of geo-information services based on High Resolution Radar Data in the fast growing market China.

Thus, Astrium GEO – Infoterra GmbH is now calling for proposals for small projects, so-called ‘service trials’.

This activity is aimed at supporting the European Value-Adding Sector in expanding its commercial activities beyond Europe. The limited uptake by non-EU markets being a key challenge for these companies today, the service trials can be an ideal opportunity to study what the opportunities are and propose activities for how they can be realized within a 5 year development action plan.

The focus of the Geographic Expansion activity is to develop business opportunities outside Europe for mature services that are already available on a commercial basis today and rely (at least partially) on using EO data from European missions.

Bidders are requested to deliver a service demonstrator, a service trial’s technical report and a short service specific business.

More details and the complete ITT documents are now available for download at