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DMCii expands rapid 22m satellite imaging service and NEW! NigeriaSat-2 VHR imagery

DMCii expands rapid 22m satellite imaging service

Auckland, New Zealand – detail from 22m NigeriaSat-X image

With the successful launch of the NigeriaSat-X 22m multi-spectral Earth observation satellite, DMCii gains a significant increase in capacity for its rapid response global commercial imaging service.

The launch of NigeriaSat-X, alongside the very high resolution NigeriaSat-2, adds a third 22m imager to the 7-satellite constellation coordinated by DMCii. The latest generation of satellites doubles the number of pixels per hectare and improves the image quality over the current 32m constellation, providing reliable continuity of 650km wide imagery for customer applications.

Dr. S.O. Mohammed, Director General of the Nigerian Space Agency (NASRDA) stated that, “The Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) has proved to be both a successful and sustainable way to supply data about the Earth for planning and managing resources effectively. With NigeriaSat-X we enhance the imaging capability of NigeriaSat-1 and provide data continuity, which is very important both for Nigeria and for the other DMC Consortium members.”

Dave Hodgson, Managing Director DMCii, commented, “Our customers welcome the regular addition of 22m imaging capability to the constellation, which provides security of supply and improvements in both quality and frequency of imaging capability. The launch of NigeriaSat-X makes a significant contribution to DMCii’s commercial and humanitarian services.

NEW! NigeriaSat-2 VHR imagery

Salt Lake City – detail from pan-sharpened 2.5m Nigeriasat-2 image

The newly launched very high resolution satellite, NigeriaSat-2, delivers 2.5m panchromatic and 5m 4-band multispectral imagery, with products including stereo imaging and wide area mode. The ability to image strips of up to 2000 km along track is valuable for mapping, and the 80km square wide area mode is perfect for monitoring urban areas or infrastructure on a regular basis. With off-pointing, the satellite can acquire imagery every 1-2 days over selected areas of interest.

In addition the satellite provides 350km wide swath 4-band 32m multispectral imagery to provide data continuity with NigeriaSat-1, but with the addition of a blue band to provide true colour images.

DMCii is the exclusive international distributor for customers in all territories outside Africa and offers the commercial VHR imaging service starting in early 2012 once the calibration and commissioning process is complete.
For further information contact or call +44 1483 804299

For further information contact or call +44 1483 804299