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Eurosense recent news on monitoring roads in Congo, the GMES Masters, Thermography of Ghent (BE) and Malareo.

Monitoring the reopening of roads in the democratic republic of Congo with Earth Observation (EO) data:

EUROSENSE presented a paper about “Monitoring the reopening of roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo with EO data “at the EARSeL Workshop on Operational Remote sensing in Forest Management in Prague (Czech Republic) on 2nd-3rd June 2011”.

Within the GMES project called G-Mosaic (GMES services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for regional Crises), the critical asset working group developed geo-spatial information to monitor human and environmental impact of reopening roads, in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). This paper presents the Earth Observation (EO) derived tools to monitor forest changes along the route between Kisangani and Bunduki/Bondo. Click here to read more about this.

GMES Masters:

EUROSENSE has participated to the GMES Masters Best Service Challenge, a competition aiming to increase the awareness of existing Earth Monitoring Services and their benefits to European citizens with 2 services. More info on these services can be found on following links:

Thermo for Ghent City goes public!

During 2 cold winter nights in February 2011, EUROSENSE executed two flights with a thermal camera covering the entire territory of the city. At the same time, almost 500 volunteers executed temperature measurements in their houses. EUROSENSE processed the thermographic imagery into one geo-referenced map and created by means of the volunteer measurements an interpretation key with corresponding legends. The results have been inserted by the city of Ghent into a web application (in Dutch).

Read more about this on our website!

Thermographic map of Ghent (Belgium); Streets and badly insulated buildings give off heat at night and appear red: foliage and well-insulated structures look blue or green. Thermal colours also depend on the roof shape (flat or slanted), roofing materials, and thermostat settings.

Malareo presented in a poster session on the 7th Tropical Medicine and International Health conference (3/10/2011)

Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Earth Observation (EO), Spatial Modelling and Statistical Analysis are increasingly being recognized as valuable tools for the management and planning of malaria vector control programmes. The EC 7th Framework Programme project MALAREO lead by EUROSENSE compiles a mixed European-African consortium combining years of experience in malaria control with GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) capacity. The project’s main objective is the development and implementation of EO products and capacities within malaria vector control and management programmes in southern Africa.

Read the full abstract of the poster here