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Astrium Services News

Generic news from last weeks

Astrium signs new Pléiades contract with Eastdawn (05/10/2011)

Paris, 5 October 2011 – Astrium Services and Chinese provider of satellite data and value-added services, Beijing Eastdawn Information Technology (Eastdawn), have signed a partnership agreement to give Eastdawn access to Pléiades solutions and technologies.

This three year contract (with the possibility to extend for an extra two years) will enable Eastdawn to distribute 50-cm resolution products from the Pléiades constellation, as well as innovative services. These products will support near-real-time applications to five key accounts in China (Ministry of Land Resources; National Administration for Surveying, Mapping & Geoinformation; China Geological Survey; Ministry of Agriculture; and Ministry of Housing & Urban-rural Development) on an exclusive basis.

This new partnership agreement demonstrates Eastdawn’s commitment to Pléiades. The company, investing in reception infrastructure, will operate three receiving stations to meet the needs of clients over the vast Chinese territory….

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Astrium signs new GMES contract with ESA (19/09/2011)

Paris, 19 September 2011 – Astrium Services has signed a three-year contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the delivery of satellite images under the terms of the European GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment & Security) programme. This contract, initially worth 17 million euros, is being funded by the European Commission.

The contract covers the provision of optical data from the SPOT 4/5 and FORMOSAT-2 satellites and radar images from the TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites, plus additional data from the Pleiades constellation and the SPOT 6/7 satellites. This data will help improve the quality of the geo-information services with which the European governments aim to implement their environmental and crisis-management policies. The data and services will be available to all public users on a European, national and regional level.

According to Patrick Le Roch, Head of GEO-Information at Astrium Services, “This contract adds to the importance of Astrium’s place in the GMES programme. As well as confirming our role as suppliers of satellite-based data, it will also enable us to develop and enhance the services we provide to civil emergency response groups (SAFER) and environmental protection agencies (GEOLAND) in Europe. SAFER has been activated more than a hundred times in the past two years, and GEOLAND has helped to improve environmental protection in Europe by providing more accurate land-usage data.”…..

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Astrium at INTERGEO 2011 (12/09/2011)

Astrium GEO-Information Services presented its new, expanded portfolio at INTERGEO, the World’s largest event for geodesy, geo-information and land management.

27-29 September in Nuremberg, Germany
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New! Pléaides (11/09/2011)

Download Pleiades sample imagery data

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Astrium signs first Pléiades contract with PASCO (09/09/2011)

Paris, 09 September 2011 – Astrium Services and Japanese geospatial solutions provider PASCO have signed a partnership agreement – the first for the Pléiades constellation for very-high-resolution satellite imagery.

The partnership agreement between PASCO CORPORATION and Astrium Services gives the company access to Pléiades solutions and technologies. The agreement reflects PASCO’s confidence in the growth of the very-high-resolution market, with imagery acquired by highly agile and responsive satellites. In Japan, PASCO will distribute 50-cm resolution products from the Pléiades constellation as well as innovative services to support near-real-time applications.

As a subscriber to Pléiades Direct Access Services, PASCO will offer its customers preferential access to Pléiades data. The satellite’s extreme agility coupled with multiple acquisition modes makes the Pléiades system very responsive to specific user requirements. Local production units will be able to deliver ortho-rectified products within 30 minutes. In addition, the image acquisition and production interface ensures the highest levels of efficiency and confidentiality.

« Adding Pléiades to our portfolio of satellite products enables us to guarantee to our customers the best optical solutions. And the combination of Pléiades and TerraSAR-X data will contribute gathering detailed information of the nation’s natural disasters such as earthquake and floods, and will mean we can develop new and advanced solutions to further fulfil the information requirements of our valued customers,» said Mr Yoichi Sugimoto, President & CEO of PASCO CORPORATION…..

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More than 180 000 km² of Astrium satellite imagery collected for Irene relief efforts (01/09/2011)

August 30, 2011 – Toulouse – Astrium GEO-Information Services tasked its satellites to collect data over the USA in anticipation of hurricane Irene’s arrival to the east coast. Over 100,000 km2 of cloud-free SPOT optical imagery and more than 85,000 km² of TerraSAR-X radar data were collected as of Monday, Aug. 29 covering portions of the U.S. east coast from Charleston, SC to Maine and Vermont. Astrium will continue to collect imagery for disaster relief efforts over the next few days.

The images were received at the time of acquisition via satellite transmission to direct receiving stations (DRS) in multiple U.S. Government agencies and Astrium personnel worked together to define the collection plan prior to the event. An U.S. Disaster Relief license was issued for the validated scenes. Validated scenes were processed and provided to government relief organizations and emergency management agencies on Sunday.

As operators of the SPOT satellites, exclusive commercial marketers of TerraSAR-X & TanDEM-X, and with unique access to a broad range of other spaceborne and airborne acquisition capabilities, Astrium Services’ GEO-Information division can provide customers with an unrivalled combination of Earth imagery – both optical and radar – as well as value-added expertise in a variety of vertical markets such as oil and gas exploration, emergency response, and forest monitoring….

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