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Gisat: World Bank goes EO

Gisat serves the World Bank in eoworld

Gisat has been selected as one of the European EO services provider within the frame of the joint ESA and the World Bank eoworld initiative to support the World Bank specialists in sustainable urban management and planning activities in megacities around India and Bangladesh. The required services consists of historical assessment of spatial growth of built-ups in metropolitan areas of 3 selected cities: Delhi, Mumbai and Dhaka and includes both production of spatially explicit multi-temporal information monitoring urban development using satellite imagery data as well as the subsequent assessment report provision.

In this value added services, funded under the ESA VAE programme, Gisat capitalizes his long standing worldwide experience in EO based land cover / land use applications in general and in urban monitoring context in particular.

About eoworld initiative

Recognising the value of using Earth observation satellite data to support development activities, ESA and the World Bank decided to work together on several projects through the eoworld joint initiative

ESA and the World Bank first started collaborating two years ago when ESA carried out small-scale pilot projects that demonstrated the potential of Earth observation for the Bank’s operations. Based on the pilots’ promising outcomes, Earth observation information will now be scaled up and incorporated into 12 World Bank activities in the marine environment, water resources management, urban development, urban and disaster risk management, and agriculture and forestry.

World Bank teams defined the requirements for the geo-information that will be provided across operations in Africa, South and Latin America, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific.

The Earth observation information products are generated by selected specialist companies from across Europe and will delivered to the Bank’s staff and local stakeholders by the end of 2011.

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