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Gisat at the HELM

Steering land cover mapping in Europe

Gisat is a member of the European consortia working in the HELM project. The HELM acronym stands for the *H*armonised *E*uropean *L*and *M*onitoring. The overall objective of HELM is to initiate a move that will make European land monitoring more productive by increasing the alignment of national and sub-national level land monitoring endeavors and enabling their integration to a coherent European Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) data system.

The consortia forms the extensive network of national and sub-national authorities mandated regarding land monitoring with a shared vision, common knowledge, established modes of exchange, and a collective identity to support further GMES, INSPIRE, SEIS related development in land monitoring context in Europe. Gisat with long-standing experience in land monitoring both on European and national level contributes to HELM objectives as member of General Consortia.

The HELM project receives funding through the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. Related information. HELM website: