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UrtheDaily™ is go, the future of transformational insights is now

Deimos Imaging’s parent company, UrtheCast, announced on May 19th the signature of a credit agreement for US$142 Million to finance the construction, launch and deployment of the UrtheDaily™ Constellation. This important milestone brings the implementation of UrtheDaily™ one step closer.

UrtheDaily™ is a satellite constellation designed to acquire the whole Earth’s landmass, excluding Antarctica, every day at 10:30 am, with high-quality multispectral imagery at 5m resolution. It will facilitate geo-analytics at scale, achieving highly cost-effective, daily, global coverage, delivering scientific-grade quality data.

The mission has been developed with and for Deimos Imaging’s customers, including Land O ‘Lakes, who became anchor customers in February 2017. One of the main markets for UrtheDaily™ is Precision Agriculture by providing the foundational products to significantly accelerate decision making and optimize production, benefiting end users worldwide. The delivery of multi-band, spectral diverse data on a daily basis, will offer the opportunity to develop unique and responsive value-added applications, previously not possible for key markets such as Agriculture.

Deimos Imaging is leveraging over a decade of experience and unique expertise in supporting agriculture applications with their legacy Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 missions. They are currently improving this capability by launching the ‘UrtheDaily precursor service’, which is based on diversified multi-satellite imagery, bringing together various Earth Observation assets that result in increased observation frequency and coverage. The availability of the ‘UrtheDaily precursor service’ now, supports Deimos Imaging’s customer base and is expected to evolve successfully leading them to UrtheDaily™.

The spectral bands of the UrtheDaily™ Constellation are specifically selected to match bands of other missions (including Sentinel-2), to enable constant and automatic in-flight cross-calibration with trusted references, minimizing the atmospheric effects, and to provide improved accuracy. Therefore, any user worldwide could seamlessly integrate UrtheDaily™ into their critical workflows, accelerating reliable analytics.

Other markets that will benefit from the global coverage, daily revisit and geo-analytics ready imagery provided by UrtheDaily™, include Maritime Surveillance, Land Administration and Mapping, Emergency and Disaster Management, Forestry and Environment, Oil and Gas and Defence and Security. The products will be available directly onto users’ desktop in Near Real Time.