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Urban EO services demonstrated to ADB

GISAT experts have supported ESA by participation at an Asian Development Bank (ADB) seminar on space technology and GIS hold in Manila, Philippines.

ESA aims to gradually mainstream Earth Observation services in the daily practices of multilateral development banks and international financial institutions and currently has collaborations in place with the World Bank, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (UN-IFAD).

Further, the contacts with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have been also established and as a first step towards future ESA support to ADB activities, ESA organised the dedicated seminar demonstrating European and Canadian EO services capacities and solutions in selected thematic areas: Ecosystems, Forestry, Urban, Geohazards / Risks, Maritime Surveillance and Climate Resilience and Proofing. This seminar complemented to series of space technology seminars organized by the ADB together with JAXA, to raise the general awareness of space technology and EO applications in the bank.

Based on the previous experiences in the Urban thematic area and also due to previous successful provisions of EO services to this category of users GISAT experts had the opportunity to cover the theme of Urban EO applications during the seminar.

The seminar presented an overview and key examples of European and Canadian EO capabilities based on existing and planned EO missions (ESA and national), demonstrated key competences of the EO service industry and made a positive impact on ESA and ADB future cooperation.

Urban growth trend monitoring service

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