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GISAT has successfully completed EO service demonstration project for the EIB

The aim of the service case was to provide the European Investment Bank with the information on progress of large cement plant construction in Derba (Ethiopia) and to demonstrate the potential and benefits of EO technology within the context of infrastructure construction monitoring.

The service case ‘Monitoring Progress of Large Cement Plant Construction in Derba, Ethiopia’ has delivered harmonized information on cement plant construction and infrastructure development as well as the information on evolution of related land cover/land use in neighboring area with strong spatial-temporal dimension.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the long-term financing institution of the European Union, promoting its objectives in the EU’s cooperation and development policies. Therefore, regular assessments of the environmental and social impacts of the activities undertaken in connection with the EIB loans are a necessary condition for receiving and maintaining the financing.

The overall results provide up-to-date and independent information on plant development and identify some environmentally and socially harmful processes related over the requested period (2007-2011). Beside the EO based information provision, GISAT has supported also the EIB focus on interpreted relevant information presented in the meaningful way, rather than on EO based data itself by delivery of results in integrated easy-to-use exploration tool.

Demonstration project clearly highlighted advantage of the EO based information products in provision of cost-effective and independent monitoring capacity for past, present and future, harmonized across the globe.

Example of web-based presentation of the project results

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