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UN-SPIDER March 2010 Updates


1. UN-SPIDER Technical Advisory Mission to Haiti in March 2010
2. UN-SPIDER carries out Technical Advisory Mission to Chile
3. UN-SPIDER meets SEGEPLAN to discuss upcoming Technical Advisory Mission to Guatemala
4. UN Subcommittee requests study on the establishment of a SpaceAid fund
5. UN-SPIDER Africa Workshop postponed
6. Understanding Risk â Join the Dialogue
7. ESA seeks to speed up emergency response
8. ESAâs Tiger II to support 20 water projects in Africa
9. DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 satellite elevation data verified to be accurate within 30 centimeters
10. Thales begins development of Sentinel 1B and 3B environmental satellites
11. New UN satellite standards to boost communications in emergencies
12. ‘Jugnu’ nano-satellite for vegetation monitoring developed