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FUSION user workshop

The FUSION user workshop is scheduled on May 19, 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

FUSION will be the first satellite constellation combining high resolution satellite imagery as known from the RapidEye satellites with MIR/TIR data similar to what the BIRD infrared payload produces. Combining 6.5 m GSD VIS/NIR images with 100 m GSD infrared images, FUSION will provide new data products and worldwide daily revisit capability for fields such as precision agriculture, food security, irrigation water management, inland water resource management, terrestrial ecosystem mapping, volcanology, and high resolution wildfire monitoring.

As FUSION has the potential to serve a wide variety of applications, we aim to optimise the set of requirements that the system design will be based on. The workshop offers a unique opportunity for users to learn about FUSION, express their information needs and discuss their requirements and thus influence this mission right from the start.

Workshop tracks include:

- Introduction to the FUSION project – FUSION’s high resolution earth observation capabilities – FUSION’s unique fire detection and monitoring features – Participants’ presentations – Special addresses and panel discussions

For more information about the FUSION User Workshop, please refer to the attached announcement


Workshop coordination
Lilit Kocharyan
phone: +49 (0)3381 8904-529
fax: +49 (0)3381 8904-101
RapidEye AG
Molkenmarkt 30
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