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UK space experts SciSys reprise software role for critical Climate Change mission

SciSys, a leading provider of software services, has announced a major contract from EADS Astrium Gmbh to develop on-board satellite software for CryoSat-2, a key mission in the European Space Agency‘s Living Planet programme.

CryoSat-2 is a 3.5 year radar mission, scheduled for launch in 2009 and replaces its CryoSat predecessor that was unfortunately aborted in 2005 due to a failure of the Russian supplied Rockot launcher.
CryoSat-2 will have the same mission objectives as the original CryoSat mission; it will monitor the thickness of land ice and sea ice and help explain the connection between the melting of the polar ice and the rise in sea levels and how this is contributing to climate change.
The SciSys on-board software will be responsible for controlling the precise orbit and attitude of CryoSat-2 as well as handling all of its communications with the ground segment. SciSys will be involved throughout all the stages of the CryoSat-2 development, from the initial software architecture and definition of the requirements, through integration of the software on-site with the processor hardware supplier in Italy, to supporting system level testing.
“We are delighted to have again been chosen to provide the key software for this important programme and welcome the opportunity to continue our close relationship with the teams at EADS Astrium and ESA” said Roger Ward, CryoSat-2 Project Manager at SciSys.
The EADS Astrium Project Manager, Uwe Mallow, added “the SciSys team were excellent on Cryosat-1 and we all really appreciated their flexible, positive approach. We are very pleased we can work together again on the programme”
SciSys are additionally providing ESA with staff to form part of the CryoSat-2 flight team. This team, based at the Cryosat Control Centre in Darmstadt will be responsible for monitoring and controlling the satellite through all phases of the mission.
About SciSys
SciSys plc (formerly Science Systems) is a leading global developer of IT services, e-Business and advanced technology solutions, renowned for quality and efficiency. The company operates in a broad spectrum of market sectors including space, defence, public sector, communication, business services and transport. Within these markets, SciSys has been involved in significant developments in key technologies that have changed the way people do their jobs. SciSys clients are predominantly blue chip, government and quasi-government organisations. Customers include the Environment Agency, Ministry of Defence, Astrium, Rural Payments Agency, European Space Agency and the Metropolitan Police.
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