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Image Acess Solutions and Getting Imagery to Distant Forces

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IAS revolutionizes the access, management and delivery of large geospatial images – so you can get the information you need faster. Using “intelligent streaming technology”, IAS delivers image information to remote user much faster than traditional dissemination methods, even when there are significant network bandwidth constraints. As a result, the time between collecting an image and delivering it is dramatically reduced, allowing you to make informed, accurate decisions faster.
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ITT Provides Air Force Better Way To Get Imagery To Distant Forces
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., January 2, 2007 — ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) announced that as part of an Air Force-sponsored program, ITT has developed and delivered an advanced imagery management and dissemination solution for the Air Force that provides high-resolution, large-file imagery at high speed over low bandwidth to combat forces.
The new system incorporates the Advanced Geospatial Imagery Library Enterprise (AGILE) technology developed by ITT. Adhering to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) NITF/JPEG2000 imagery standards, the system receives processed and unexploited imagery from various Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) sources, while providing the framework necessary for managing hundreds of images collected daily . This allows combat forces to quickly locate and access current imagery.
Based on original image sensor metadata, the solution incorporates a Web-based Search and Discovery feature to facilitate a user’s ability to rapidly find and retrieve desired images. A key feature of the system is its ability to disseminate imagery in near real time to users in the field at low bandwidths – even below 10Kbps. This is accomplished through dynamic access of the full frame image, This dynamic access makes the imagery readily available to tactical users where limited communications inhibits access to imagery and reduces the time for tactical decision making from days/hours to minutes/seconds.
“Our challenge is to significantly shorten the time it takes for critical users to obtain this high-resolution imagery,” said Bruce Wald, Vice President and Director, Image Information Solutions, ITT Space Systems Division. “Prior systems were slow because of difficulty sending large volumes over a small bandwidth. Our solution, which uses a non-proprietary architecture based on open standards for advanced compression and wavelet dissemination, allows the Air Force to deliver imagery far more rapidly.”
The core component of the system is the Image Access Solutions (IAS) commercial software product from ITT. It is the engine that provides data conversion, compression and dynamic image access. IAS software allows you to deliver, visualize, and integrate imagery with geospatial data for time-sensitive surveillance and reconnaissance missions. For more information on IAS software, visit
Follow-on efforts with the Air Force will integrate ITT technology into the Distributed Common Ground Station Integrated Backbone (DIB) and Global Command and Control System architectures. This will dramatically extend the numbers of users who will be able to benefit from the technology.

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ITT Visual Information Solutions (formerly Research Systems, Inc./RSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation, provides integrated software solutions that help scientists, engineers, researchers, and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information. The company’s 150,000 customers from more than 80 countries use IDL, ENVI and IAS to analyze data and imagery and deploy imaging applications. ITT Visual Information Solutions’ products are used in a variety of industries, including remote sensing, engineering, earth sciences, aerospace, defense and intelligence, medical imaging, oil and gas exploration and biotechnology. Combined with a host of support services including training, consulting and technical support, ITT Visual Information Solutions offers the most complete data visualization, image analysis and image delivery solutions available. For more information visit:
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