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Tools for the Integrated Management of Coastal Areas

Spacedat is currently involved in two applied research projects regarding the management of Coastal Areas, one financed by the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR) and the other by the Province of Lecce – Italy.

What we provide is an innovative web based system to analyse and monitoring the different variables that contribute to the coastal erosion processes. The system integrates the use of aerial photos, high resolution satellite images and the use of differential G.P.S to analyse changes on the shoreline, the health and morphology of sand dunes (3D), the presence of vegetation along the coast, as well as, the identification of posidonia beds.
The system makes use of advance algorithms that provide updated information on the erosion trends. It also provides policy makers and environmental managers with the opportunity to analyse how these variables change over a period of time, thus obtaining a real visual overview of the problem.
Technological instruments of this kind have a promising future considering the vast archive of high resolution satellite data covering most parts of the world and the upcoming launch of new high resolution satellites, which could guarantee a constant monitoring of coastal areas at a sub-meter resolution.
More information at:
Via Duca degli Abruzi 57 Lecce 73100
Tel./Fax: (0039) 0832.30.85.05