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Thales delivers computerised solution for French fire and rescue operations center

The district fire and emergency services (SDIS) covering the French administrative department of Val d’Oise (north of Paris) has implemented a new computerised system from Thales to aid decision-making and manage emergency situations.

With the new system now operational, firefighting and emergency crews are able to provide a faster and more effective response.
At the heart of the Val d’Oise district fire and rescue operations centre (CODIS) and call handling centre (CTA), the computerised system receives and processes all 18 (emergency) calls within the department. It also alerts local fire and rescue stations and enables real-time management and tracking of routine operations and more complex emergency situations. Dubbed ISIS 95, the project is now operational.
Development and completion of the new facility involved management of four major areas:
• implementation of a LAN and WAN network architecture covering the entire administrative department
• implementation of administrative IT solutions for dynamic management of personnel, equipment and infrastructure
• integration of operational IT solutions for processing of emergency calls and automated management of response assets
• deployment of an HF network for transmission of alerts to all local fire and rescue centres within the department
The system, operated by around a dozen CODIS/CTA personnel, incorporates a powerful decision-support function that proposes the most appropriate solution to each situation in terms of assets and facilities (equipment, infrastructure, geographic proximity, handling of 18 emergency calls, management of deployed assets, etc.) and personnel. A mapping system provides the geographic location of the caller/situation in a matter of seconds and defines a security perimeter around the site. It also provides a visual display of the local environment (buildings, roads, specific risks, etc.).
“The type of system we decided to implement is a highly effective solution that enables us to anticipate the most appropriate responses, save valuable time and deploy crews and equipment as effectively as possible — ultimately helping us to save more lives,” said Colonel Delannoy, Director of the SDIS 95 district fire and emergency services. “We now have one of the most advanced call handling centres in France.”
“We’re delighted to have contributed to the implementation of this project in Val d’Oise,”
said Pierre Maciejowski, Managing Director of Thales Security Systems. “The project is a prestigious showcase of Thales’ know-how in security solutions for firefighting and emergency services.”
SDIS: Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours
CODIS: Centre Opérationnel Départemental d’Incendie et de Secour

Centre de Traitement des Alertes
ISIS 95: Informatisation du Service d’Incendie et de Secours (computerised solution for fire and rescue services, department 95)
About Thales
Thales is a leading international electronics and systems group serving defence, aerospace and security markets worldwide, supported by a comprehensive services offering. The group’s civil and military businesses develop in parallel to serve a single objective: the security of people, property and nations. Leveraging a global network of more than 20,000 high-level researchers, Thales offers a capability unmatched in Europe to develop and deploy critical information systems. Thales employs 60,000 people in 50 countries and generated revenues of €10.3 billion in 2005, with a record order book of over €20 billion.
Thales Security Systems business line designs, delivers and integrates high-technology solutions to protect critical infrastructures for local authorities and corporate and government customers worldwide. These solutions cover all aspects of security, including site and event security, security operation and crisis management centres, secure identification solutions, information system security and environmental security.
The company’s comprehensive services offering ranges from security consulting, architecture definition and complex systems integration to complete turnkey solutions including the design, installation, operation and maintenance of security systems.
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