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The Spanish Aeronautical Sector Comes Together to Participate in the Clean Sky Project

The Spanish aeronautics companies ITP, EADS-CASA, INDRA, CESA, TAM, GMV, GTD, Sener, Aernova and Aries Complex have signed an agreement to create an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) with the aim of participating actively in the future Community program: Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) ‘Clean Sky’

‘Clean Sky’ is one of the main collaboration tools in this field to be carried out as part of the 7th FP of the European Union.
The initiative is the biggest European project for research and development of new technologies to enable the sector to meet the new environmental demands. The program, to run from 2007-13, has a budget of 1.7 B€ and is backed by the EC, which will be responsible for 50% of the financing.
(Source GMV)