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The GEO-CRADLE Networking Platform is now on line!

The new platform provides a wealth of information on key Earth Observation (EO) stakeholders from North Africa, Middle East and the Balkans.

The users can navigate through the profiles of stakeholders and be informed on the existing networks, capacities, skills, etc. in the combined region. Whilst the platform is primarily targeting stakeholders from the region, organisations from other countries are invited to become part of the network. Interested stakeholders can easily complete their profile by providing their credentials and filling in a quick survey. The survey is split in five main sections: Contact Details, Activity Focus, Capacities, National Activities, Engagement in GEO-CRADLE.

The platform offers an intuitive interface whereby visitors can browse the stakeholder profiles using three mechanisms: the map filters; the “search by keyword” option; and the advanced search page.

The map offers three filters “Country”, “Organisation Name” and “Thematic Area” and displays the results on the map. The search by keyword mechanism offers a quick search using one or more keywords separated by a comma. The Advanced search page contains 10 filters regarding the main questions in the GEO-CRADLE Survey in combination with a search by keyword mechanism on the top of the page, to add any other word of interest. The user can also browse all profiles from the “Profiles” tab. The “User Manual” is offered to help visitors understand how to exploit the searching-tools offered on the platform. Improvements to the functionalities and content of the platform will continue in the months to come.

Discover the networking platform ( and make the most of this opportunity to network with key stakeholders in the region!

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