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The EU Council invites the Commission to report by end of 2010 on the GMES border surveillance group's conclusions

The 2998th Council of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) met in Brussels on 25-26 February 2010.

The Council adopted conclusions on “29 measures for reinforcing the protection of the external borders and combating illegal immigration”.

Among the five measures that concern the development of the European Surveillance System – EUROSUR, one measure specifically refers to GMES: the Council has agreed “[…]To invite the Commission to report before the end of 2010 on how the conclusions of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) border surveillance group on common application of surveillance tools, such as satellites, could be implemented in the EU land and sea borders”.

The press release presenting the Council Conclusions is available on the Council of the European Union website

Source GMES.Info