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Geoland Forum

The sixth geoland Forum gathered more than 200 participants from the GMES Land community

On 24th and 25th March 2010 more than 200 participants from the GMES Land community gathered in Toulouse for the sixth geoland Forum. The forum was organised by geoland2 and hosted by Météo France.

The morning session of the first day of the event was dedicated to presenting the French GMES expectations and its perspectives. Speakers from Météo France and CNES outlined their activities related to GMES followed by a presentation of the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea (MEEDDM), which highlighted the need for the GMES services. However, a stronger involvement of the Member States in the development of Land Service specifications and their evaluation is still required.

In the afternoon, the programmatic frame with regards to the GMES Initial Operations (GIO) implementation plan and the scope of GMES Land Services was presented by DG Enterprise. The German bottom-up approach of national land use/ land cover mapping, expectations to GIO in relation to upcoming reporting requirements and the current status of the GMES Space Component (GSC) data access were presented by speakers from the German Mapping Agency, the European Environmental Agency and the European Space Agency. The coordinator and representatives of the geoland2 project provided a conceptual update of the status of the global, continental and local services with regards to the progress achieved in terms of pre-operational performance and delivery and its translation into operational services.

The day concluded with a presentation about the E-Hype system (a pan-European hydrological modelling for environment and security), an application which is part of geoland2, and presentations that highlighted the synergies between geoland2 and the related projects MACC and VENUS.

Day 2 was divided into four parallel workshop sessions, that explored specific topics dedicated to Mapping and Monitoring, Infrastructure logistics in the Land Service Domain, Data Access to EO Data – Lessons Learnt and the Validation & Verification & Qualification & Certification activities.

All presentations can be downloaded here