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Telspazio presents “The Love Planet Earth” Calendar and “Virtual Rome” Project launched.

Telespazio presents its 2007 Calendar, “Love Planet Earth”
Telespazio is proud to present its 2007 calendar, “Love Planet Earth” which this year has an environmental theme. With the help of magnificent high-resolution satellite images, the calendar aims to highlight some of the phenomena that are threatening the Earth’s natural equilibrium.
Seen from space, our planet looks incredibly beautiful yet at the same time extremely fragile. Despite their beauty, the photos of Gilkey Glacier, the Colorado River, the Amazon rain forest, the Saudi Arabian desert, Funafuti Atoll in the Pacific Ocean and the sprawling Mexico City reveal, with an intentionally dramatic contrast, phenomena such as melting ice, desiccation of river basins, deforestation, desertification, rising sea levels and population explosion in our cities.
The images selected, in all their emotive resonance, will accompany us throughout the year, and help us all to love and respect our planet.
“Virtual Rome” project launched with high-resolution pictures provided by Telespazio
The most ambitious project to reconstruct Imperial Rome in 3D has now been launched, and will use the latest technology available to the National Research Council’s Virtual Heritage Lab, Seat PG’s new PagineGialle Visual multimedia web platform and the high-resolution aerial and satellite orthophotos provided by Telespazio.
The new partnership between Seat Pagine Gialle and the National Research Council’s Virtual Heritage Lab was unveiled during “From Space To Place”, the world’s most important conference on remote sensing applications and digital technology in archaeology. The alliance centres on the Virtual Rome project, the most ambitious virtual scientific reconstruction of Imperial Rome, based on the three-dimensional modelling of the present and past territory using 3dGIS software.
The initiative uses cartographic data acquired through aerial orthophotos, satellite pictures and the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) provided by Telespazio and georeferenced data to reconstruct the ancient landscape. By using this information as a basis to describe and visualise the area, the main monuments of the Imperial Forums around Via Appia and Via Flaminia Antica will be reconstructed and modelled in 3D.
(Source Telespazio)