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Telespazio at the 10th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale

Telespazio took part in the 10th International Architecture Exhibition, dedicated to “Cities. Architecture and Society”, which took place as part of the 2006 Biennale exhibition from 10 September to 19 November.

Telespazio has made a fundamental contribution to the exhibition by providing satellite pictures of 16 large cities – including Caracas, Cairo, Los Angeles, London, Milan and Tokyo – chosen to represent the megalopolises of our time in a new light.
These images of the Earth, taken by a satellite 450 km away, offer an increasingly higher resolution, now at less than a metre, and are an indispensable tool for town planning and land monitoring.
Seen from space, cities take on a whole new dimension, one that is extremely useful for those studying environmental, town planning, demographic and economic problems in depth.
(Source Telespazio)