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TanDEM-X is ready for Operations

On December 14, 2010 the TanDEM-X mission has reached another important milestone: fully on schedule, the commissioning phase could be finished in less than six months.

The teams of German Aerospace Centere (DLR) and Astrium have successfully demonstrated the operational readiness of the satellite, thus the collection of data for a global homogeneous DEM can start – as planned – in early 2011.

The TanDEM-X mission was developed jointly by DLR and Astrium and is being operated at DLR’s Oberpfaffenhofen site. The commercial marketing of the TanDEM-X data will be conducted by Astrium’s GEO-Information Services Division. The mission’s goal is the creation of a globally homogeneous Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with an unprecedented accuracy and coverage.