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DEIMOS Imaging Starts Using Its New Mission Planning System


DEIMOS Imaging has started using its new mission planning system (PlanEO) for planning the payload operations of DEIMOS-1.

After several years of development and testing, PlanEO has reached the required degree of maturity and stability to be safely used in the operations of DEIMOS-1.

Brokers (project managers) are using it to manage their projects and to plan new acquisitions. That is, for determining when new data captures must take place and how much data they need for covering the areas of interest in their projects. PlanEO has helped them significantly by reducing the time needed for planning the operations, reducing the time from hours to minutes.

Using this new system, DEIMOS Imaging is able to acquire about 4 million square kilometres per day, more than 65% cloud-free.

PlanEO replaces the planning system provided by the manufacturer of the mission. It provides a range of features and functionality that makes it superior to the previous system.

Its main features are:
• Very powerful Graphical Interface (GUI). Almost all operations can be done graphically and interactively.
• Visualization of the Earth globe, maps, sensor swath, cloud prediction, areas of acquisition, coverage of ground stations, satellite ground track, etc.
• Management of requests and acquisitions.
• Conflict resolution via Earth Globe and Gantt chart UI.
• Long-term planning using the Flight Dynamics System (FDS) developed by DEIMOS Space.
• Integration with Savoir, developed by Taitus.
• Integrated management of ground station schedules and their non-availabilities.

DEIMOS Imaging will market PlanEO, making it available to other Earth Observation missions. These missions should have similar characteristics to the DEIMOS-1 mission. For example, simple systems with one sensor but with great agility in the planning requirements.

PlanEO is fully and easily customisable and provides a quick start in high-volume, efficient commercial operations to EO missions.

For more information about PlanEO, please contact DEIMOS Imaging

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