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Tajik-Uzbek Visit at MFB-Geo

In the framework of IDRC Symposium (International Disaster Reduction Conference, August 27 – September 1, 2006) in Davos which was organized by the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, a Tajik-Uzbek delegation visited several institutions in Switzerland, among them MFB-GeoConsulting.

“Long-lasting relationships between Switzerland and Central Asia”
Thus, a long-lasting relationship between Central Asia and Switzerland in the water sector could be renewed. The visit was a continuation of several visits in the context of the UN “Year of the Water” (2003). A Swiss delegation (including MFB-Geo) visited Tajikistan last November.
MFB-Geo presented the delegation the most innovative technologies in image processing, photogrammetry and 3-D measurements in stereo satellite imagery including real-time constructions via the internet.
The delegation included the following participants:
Tajikistan : Sirodjidin Aslov, Tajik Embassador to the UN in New York ; Sulton Rahimov, Acting Charimen EC-IFAS (Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea ); Khayrullo Ibodzoda, EC-IFAS.
Uzbekistan : Ludmilla Borovikova, UZ-HMS (Uzbek Hydro-Meteorological Survey); Irina Maslowskaja, UZ-HMS
Switzerland: Remo Galli, Alt Nationalrat; Manfred Spreafico, BAFU; Roland Meister, SLF; Res Pärli, Elektricity / Water Bern (ewb); Andreas Bauder, ETHZ; Christel Oelser, GIUB.
MFB-Geo is involved in water-related projects in Central Asia since 1996. For more information on the Central Asian projects, goto (ProjectConsulting)
(Source MFB-Geo)