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Spacedat s.r.l.: Innovative System to Measure the Coastal Erosion

Spacedat has implemented the first monitoring system to measure the Coastal Erosion and Dune health of the Province of Lecce in the south of Italy.

The innovative system “SIMON COSTA” integrates high resolution satellite images with aerial photos and high precision GPS data to provide precise and updated information about the erosion processes.
This system provides policy makers and environmental managers with an operational tool to analyse the effects of natural events (climate change) or human activities. SIMON COSTA provides with the information on where to apply coastal restoration techniques, as well as, being able to monitor the efficiency of previous coastal management activities like offshore breakwater or sand dune stabilization techniques.
The system could be replicated to monitor the coasts of most parts of the world considering its cost efficiency, the possibility to cover wide coastal areas in short periods of time, thus using the highest accuracy and precision provided by latest technology.
Spacedat s.r.l.
Via Duca degli Abruzzi 57, Lecce 73100
Tel./Fax: (0039) 0832.30.85.05
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