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Softwaresolution LiS by LASERDATA GmbH, Austria

LASERDATA LIS is a software suite for the management, analysis and distribution of LiDAR data (TLS / MLS / ALS) both in point and raster format. Especially the flexibility of the software is of great importance.

The software is composed of several components and is available in four product versions, combining these components in different ways. Because of the modular structure each product version can be easily extended by further analysis tools matching specific application needs. LASERDATA LIS profits from the usage of free Open Source Software and Laserdata actively contributes to its development. This has numerous advantages, not only the avoidance of license costs.

For more informationen see the following LIS Product Flyers (e) (.pdf)

- LIS componentsLIS LIS VersionLIS DesktopLIS WorkstationLIS DistributionLIS Professional

- Anwendungsartikel von Laserdata in der GIS Business 02/2011

In case of further questions please contact Dr. Martin Sauerbier (F: 031 – 765 5063 or e-mail sauerbier!at!