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Sinergise is the winner of the EARSC Company Achievement Award 2018

On the 26th June 2018, Sinergise was presented with the EARSC Company Achievement Award during the Association’s Annual cocktail, held in Brussels.

Nominations for the award were collected from EARSC members who then vote and the winner has been selected by an international, independent jury of EO sector representatives.

Sinergise demonstrated successful development of EO services for a target market (sector or geographic), a strong contribution to a defining European programme (Copernicus and ESA projects) and has exhibited 54% revenue and 27% employment growth in the last year.

EARSC and a prestige jury have thereby recognised Sinergise as one of the company’s that has made the most significant contribution to the development of the Earth Observation sector in Europe.

Grega Milcinski, CEO of Sinergise, stated “We could not have been happier about how things are evolving. We have entered the space market two years ago by demonstrating a novel way to manage petabytes of EO data in the cloud and today Sentinel Hub users process almost two million requests every day. This award is an important external affirmation of our business case, which would not have been possible without superb Sentinel data and its free and open policy. We are looking eagerly into the future, with DIAS platforms and even more data! EARSC and its members have already proven to be a valuable support in our activities and we hope to continue great cooperation in coming years as well.”

About Sinergise:

Sinergise is a SME from Slovenia with extensive expertise in developing advanced geospatial information systems based on web technology. The team has successfully completed several country scale projects related to support in agriculture and land administration in Europe and Africa. In 2016 Sinergise established satellite imagery processing engine in the cloud, Sentinel Hub, which won Copernicus Masters award the same year. It now powers several tens of earth observation applications in Europe, Africa, US and Australia and at this moment processes two million requests every day, crunching more than quadrillion satellite imagery pixels from Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS and other missions.

In 12 years of operations Sinergise built solutions for large governmental clients in Europe (United Kingdom, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Moldova) and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Mauritius), almost all of them still being supported nowadays. Altogether there are more than 2 million people annually using Sinergise’s tools and its technology helps to manage more than 50 million property records and more than 500 million EUR of transactions annually.