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Sentinels for the Common Agricultural Policy

Gisat participates in the SEN4CAP project focusing at implementation & demonstration of operational applications & products to support the management of the CAP.

The SEN4CAP project aims at providing to the European and national stakeholders of the CAP validated algorithms, products, workflows and best practices for agriculture monitoring relevant for the management of the CAP. Special attention is given to provide the evidence how Sentinel derived information can support the modernization and simplification of the CAP in the post 2020 timeframe. Initial results will be already available in early 2018 to support informing the policy and guidelines development of the future CAP.

The main SEN4CAP objectives are:

  • Identify and specify EO products and services suitable to increase the efficiency, traceability as well as reducing the costs of the IACS;
  • Develop algorithms along with open source code for agricultural EO products based on Sentinel-1 & -2 responding to the user requirements;
  • Demonstrate and validate the developed agricultural EO products up to national scale;
  • Provide evidence for the utility of Sentinel products within IACS procedures at EU and national level for 6 national Paying Agencies;
  • Prepare and facilitate the transfer of developed EO products and services to the national Paying Agencies including capacity building and demonstrating cloud computing capabilities.

The SEN4CAP project will further rely on the guidance of a steering committee composed of the EC actors of the CAP, namely representatives from DG-Agri (Unit D.3), DG-JRC (Food Security unit) and DG-Grow (Copernicus). The steering committee will provide advice on the evolving CAP policy and legal framework, the technical guidelines of the IACS implementation and the Copernicus context.

Gisat is responsible for the implementation of Agricultural Practices Monitoring use cases. They are mostly focused to improve the efficiency and traceability of the control of the greening measures of the CAP, in particular dedicating 5% of arable land to ‘ecological focus areas’. Three practices are proposed as separate use cases: check of compliance with declared land lying fallow; catch crops and nitrogen fixing crops. Additional use cases will develop methods to identify crop harvest on arable land parcels and ploughed grassland parcels.

SEN4CAP is funded by the European Space Agency under the EOEP-5 programme. The project begun in July 2017 and will run for 2.5 years, until December 2019. The project consortium is composed of 5 organizations: UCLouvain-Geomatics (project lead, Belgium), CS Romania, e-GEOS (Italy), Gisat (Czechia) and Sinergise (Slovenia).

Gisat provides wide range of geoinformation services based on Earth Observation technology. It focuses on operational application of satellite mapping to monitor various aspects of our environment and development of dedicated web based platforms for geoinformation analysis and assessment
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