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Space Technologies for the Arctic Region exploration,…

Space Technologies for the Arctic Region exploration, mastering and conservation:“Earth from Space…” magazine issue #10 materials are available (2012-04-13)

All the articles of the 10th bilingual issue of the “Earth from Space – the Most Effective Solutions” magazine are available at the website of the edition in section Archive/№10. The cover story of the issue is “Space Technologies for the Arctic Region exploration, mastering and conservation”.

The Arctic — a region of a unique combination of the inimitable nature and severe climate, richest natural resources deposits and low population, extremely vulnerable and intact ecosystems, an arena of international integration and geopolitical antagonism. Nowadays the exploration of the Arctic Region requires new approaches, ensuring rational subsoil use and nature protection based on state-of-the-art science and technologies and first of all space ones. Space technology ought to become an efficient tool in the national economy development to make the might of Russia that used to “grow by Siberia” grow by the Arctic Region as well.

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Images from UK-DMC2 satellite will help in monitoring floods and agricultural lands status (2012-04-11)

Requests for taking UK-DMC2 images of Russia and adjacent areas can be placed now. The imagery is conducted by ScanEx RDC using the network of “UniScan” ground receiving stations. The respective agreement has been signed between ScanEx RDC and this satellite Operator – the DMCii company.

In compliance with the distributor agreement ScanEx RDC is entitled to distribute UK-DMC2 images in Russia, Beralus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

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Participants of the “Symbols of the Millennium” festival draw attention to disabled persons’ problems (2012-04-13)

“Symbols of the Millennium” festival: on April 9 the Bluetooth, RSS, open-source software, “Like” and some other signs became new candidates into the list of the symbols of the millennium. For the first time the “glasses” symbol (indicating blind people or those with bad eyesight) was included into the list of the millennium to draw the attention of the public to the problems of people with limited capacity. Vote for the symbols that in your opinion should be included in the final composition. It will then be put on top of the roof of the “Rumyantsevo” business-park and “shot” using RS satellites. You may cast your vote in the thematic groups of the Vkontakte ( and Facebook ( social networks.

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Festival “Symbols of the millennium. Space technology — to the society (2012-04-03)

The “Symbols of the millennium” festival will take place in 2012. Graphical pictures – symbols of the third millennium – will be put on the surface of the roofs of the Moscow Region “Rumyantsevo” business park buildings. The final composition will be imaged by space satellites. Highly detailed satellite images will be posted for free access and integrated into popular web-mapping resources.

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