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Bulgaria at flood risk NEW Necessity of reservoirs register in the state

Remote Sensing Application Center – ReSAC has a keen interest on prevention of natural disasters, including floods – an actual topic in the last week. The natural continuation of the work in this field is the participation of ReSAC in a joint project with the Basin Directorate Danube region, which supports the Directorate in preparation of “Preliminary flood risk assessment”.

The aim of the project is to analyze the flood risk in the settlements, located on major rivers and to make a potential flood risk assessment. The project is in implementation of the requirements in the Water Act and Directive 2007/60/EC about the flood risk assessment and management. The project is successfully finalized in December 2011, detailed information can be found on the website of Basin Directorate Danube Region – Pleven

The flood topic and the necessity of preventive activity are very actual in the last few weeks because of the floods, which caused serious damages and human victims in different parts of the country. The tragedy in Biser village, municipality Charmanli occurred after the dam failure of Ivanovo reservoir, as a result a high water wave raised, which affected the settlement in the morning hours of 06.02.2012.

Based on the available information, ReSAC immediately prepared a flood simulation model in the village. Heavy rainfalls caused significant damages to other settlements – Charmanli, Svilengrad, in which some neighborhoods were under water. More information is available on the website of the Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegraton – Ecoregions

The broken dam of Ivanovo reservoir and the overflowing reservoirs in different parts of the country set the agenda and some other important questions, related to the management of reservoirs in Bulgaria and establishing of register. Recognizing the importance of this information, ReSAC has set itself the ambitious task to map all standing water bodies within the territory of Bulgaria, including reservoirs, based on satellite imagery and aerophotos with very high spatial resolution and applying information about them. At present, ReSAC has a detailed register of all standing water bodies in the country, which can be seen here