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Satellite data shows Venice is still sinking

Venice has experienced major subsidence over the last century due to ground water extraction.

As soon as the potential threat to this unique historical site was recognised, extraction activities were stopped. Many studies published in the last twenty years have suggested that the subsidence had stopped.

Research conducted by Yehuda Bock (Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of California, San Diego) and Shimon Wdowinski (Marine & Atmospheric Science University of Miami), together with TRE, has indicated that Venice is indeed still subsiding at the relatively slow rate of about 2 mm a year and tilting gently to the east. The team used a combination of GPS and satellite data to map subsidence over Venice and its lagoon.

“The value of the latest data is in how it helps local authorities plan defences much further into the future”, said team-member Yehuda Bock, during an interview with the BBC.

For more information, see the BBC news article

and TRE