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RSI Releases ENVI 4.2

RSI has announced the newest release of ENVI software that brings a new
level of geospatial information technology to image analysts and remote
sensing professionals.

The ENVI 4.2 release includes powerful, new tools that deliver
innovative and superior capabilities for extracting information from
remotely sensed data and imagery.
The new ENVI Vegetation Analysis Tools
distill and simplify the use of spectral data for analyzing vegetation.
These new ENVI tools give users 27 different vegetation indices within
six major categories. In addition, they provide guided workflows for
analyzing fire fuel loads, forest health and agricultural stresses, to
quickly and easily get information for human transportation, crop
composition, forest thinning and many others.

The new ENVI Autoregistration Tool
automatically identifies tie points between two images for pixel by
pixel analysis and classification. Designed for use with images from
multiple sensors and for comparing images from different times, this
tool delivers the answers needed quickly whether they are for field
deployments or fields of study.
ENVI Geospatial Statistics Tools
include new functionality that allows ENVI users to examine spatial
dependencies among features in images and quickly and easily determine
how features are spatially related, without the need for additional
software or information.
The new ENVI Log Residuals Tool
gives users the ability to correct images for atmosphere, variations in
solar illumination, topography and instrument noise without the need
for ground-based measurements.
(Credits RSI-Inc)